Download all the test presented by clicking on the link below.


Fingerprint/Deviceprint Source Code

Below is a selection of device fingerprint/deviceprint code we offer. We strive for quality, bug free code. All the source code has been written in JavaScript. We have minimumized any dependancies, verified quality with JSLint, and incorporated error checking and recovery. In the event you find an issue please report it back to us using our contact form.

Follow these links for the source code and a demo of each device fingerprint/deviceprint function.

Adobe Flash Fingerprinting

Browser Fingerprinting

Canvas Fingerprinting

Connection Fingerprinting

Cookie Fingerprinting

Display Fingerprinting

Font Smoothing Fingerprinting

Fonts Fingerprinting

Form Fields Fingerprinting

Java Fingerprinting

Language (Browser/User/System) Fingerprinting

Latency Fingerprinting

Microsoft Silverlight Fingerprinting

OS Fingerprinting

Timezone Fingerprinting

Touch Fingerprinting

True Browser Fingerprinting

Plug-In Fingerprinting

User Agent Fingerprinting