Latest News

September 28, 2013
Open source device fingerprint obfuscation checker released.
September 26, 2013
Updated device fingerprint code released.
January 31, 2010
Cloud encryption product reached general availability.

Welcome Darkwave Technologies!

Darkwave Technologies is a technology design and development company. By studying cutting-edge technologies, consulting with industry experts and then scientifically testing realized possibilities, Darkwave Technologies innovates and creates unique and exciting product solutions.

Recognizing that technology is only as useful to the number of those it is accessible to, affordability and cost-savings has become central to his ideology - all this while maintaining the highest level of quality and performance.

Our Vision

• Empower companies and institutions with advanced, high performing, affordable technology solutions so they can provide their customers with the quality they deserve and be future ready for the 21st centrury and beyond.

• Promote effective diagnostics using advanced supporting technology.

• Provide the technology teaching community and their students the necessary tools for training assistance with their curriculum.

• Positively affect technology costs and access through resourceful innovation and electronics repurposing.